Vision and Mission

The vision of Lokpath Charitable Trust is to established a people led society where no remains

hungry, unemployed, uneducated and exploited. The mission is to empower rural and urban the poor through social cohesiveness and livelihood creation. LCT gives special emphasis on socio economic empowerment of most deprived section including neglected poor downtrodden and other communities & to educate children (Male & Female both) of these section (deprived section) at least to primary level.

lokpath meeting


  • Educate people about keeping up of good health and maintenance of hygiene.
  • Education for all.
  • Seminar for women, health issues, consumer welfare etc.
  • To generate awareness among the people about their fundamental rights and duties.
  • To organize and empower poor for equal access and opportunity in the mentally ill and mentally handicapped persons
  • To organize and empower poor for equal access and opportunity in the Society.
  • To take initiatives to minimize poverty, exploitation, injustice, illiteracy and superstition from the society.
  • To create self-employment/employment opportunities among youths.
  • Establish and run Yoga & Naturopathy hospital & dispensary.
  • To implement need-based rural development programmes.
  • Women Empowerment
  • Campaigning about organ donation after death.
  • Agriculture
  • Drought /Flood Relief and Rehabilitation.
  • Panchayati Raj.
  • Awareness regarding Micro finance, Livelihood, Rural health and self employment.

Main Activities

  • Special attention to educate (primary & secondary level) children of Mahoba District aging from 05 to 14 years with emphasis upon the education to female children.
  • Strengthening of Gram-Sabha under Panchayati Raj System.
  • Socio-economic development programmes for Rural and Urban Dalit, Minorities, Deprived
  • Section like farmers, unemployed youth, illiterate demos, labors and destitute women & children.
  • Efforts to collect non-school going children to get enrolled in the various nearby schools in the area.
  • Women empowerment through Govt. Scheme.
  • Health & hygiene programme.
  • Advocacy works.
  • Special Programme on Menstrual Hygiene for Women.
  • Prepared to launch campaigns for donation of bodies after death etc.
  • Covid-19 Relief & Awareness
  • Awareness mentally ill and mentally handicapped persons

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