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Saving Theme Builder Changes

Just like with Divi Theme Options, you must save your changes to the Theme Builder in order for those changes to take effect. If you refresh the page or close the window, changes will be cancelled/lost.

Using Dynamic Content within the Theme Builder

Dynamic content (i.e. Title, Featured Image, Post Content, etc.) can be included in your Global or Custom Template layouts. This is a powerful tool that allows you to streamline the design and functionality of website, especially for blog posts and/or WooCommerce Products.

Building a Site-Wide Blog Post Template

Blog posts are a great example of where a custom template with dynamic content is needed. This will allow you to design a blog post template that will be applied to all blog posts site wide using the Divi Builder and dynamic content. Once done, all you would need to do is update the actual body content for all future posts. The new post content will inherit the design of the custom template!

Here is a quick example of how to do this:

First, create a new template and assign the template to All Posts. Then add a custom body to the template.

Using the Template Layout Editor, design the entire layout using the Divi Builder combined with Divi’s built-in dynamic content modules and options.

For example, you could use the Post Title Module to display the title of the post dynamically.

Or use a text module that pulls in the Post Publish Date.